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In and Out Board

Manage your staff better and help them work more effectively together. Knowing who is available, working remotely or away from the office at a simple glance keeps you focused on what you do best.

Realtime updates

Updates are instantly propagated to your staff on any device or platform they work with.  Download Out of office board and get realtime notifications on your phone or hook up to an existing application.   


Get a centralized view of your teams availability and let us do the heavy lifting.  


One of the most important things we’ve heard from companies using Out of Office board is their staff wants transparency.  Let them see when you’re available if they have question.  All staff can see each others statuses in a private and secured view. 

Help your staff know who is available

We specialize in helping your staff stay connected. Out of office board offers an at a glance dashboard to help your entire team know where your most critical employees are.

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