Out of Office Board: helping you protect your team during COVID-19

we can help you streamline and protect your workplace

With global re-integration efforts underway, Out of Office Board provides a solution for companies prioritizing workplace safety.

Whether you’re trying remote out for the first time, or seeking to streamline your adaptive workplaces, we can help you know who’s working in office, working remotely from home, or off for the day.

Let us help you with your effort to keep your team safe.

out of office board 

How we can help you

Out of Office Board was designed with one goal in mind:
to help businesses focus on what they do best.
When you let us set you up with an administrative platform that helps you manage your employees, you have more time to focus on your business.


As users update their status, the change is broadcast to all users automatically, keeping you up to date.


Your platform, for your team only. Our software uses OAuth 2.0 authentication to keep your data safe.


Not just for desktop users, Out of Office Board can be used on internet browsers or mobile devices.


If “In”, “Out” and “Away” don’t cover your needs, we understand! You can create and edit custom statuses for staff.

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